Obituary for Robert Brunow

Robert Brunow of Berlin Heights, Ohio passed away on Apr 4, 2018. His loved ones are composing his obituary, which you will be able to read here.

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Friday, 4/6/2018
My regrets go out to the family and friends of Mr. Brunow. I was so sad to hear that he had passed after I had just recently seen him at our shop. I always enjoyed helping him repair his truck and car needs and catching up with him on farming. I fondly remember him struggling with his walker one day at the shop. He had lost one of the rubber bumpers for his walker and when i returned him home with his vehicle I offered to try to find it out by the burning barrel. As I walked towards the burning barrel, there it was sitting in the grass. He was smiles ear to ear when he saw that I had found it. He was always full of energy and had a unique independence for someone in his 90's. That was inspiring and a good example of how to live a whole and worthy life. He is now in heaven and at peace. I was glad to know Mr. Brunow!!!


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